Usps priority mail tracking not updating

I'm still tracking the package, and eventually I'll post a pic of the tracking details once it reaches its final destination.

There is no accounting for the mismanagement of delivery. Essentially, I paid for sh**service that still has not been completed. One clerk actually told me I should send it via the Overnight option.

USPS has many facilities which will help the customers in order to minimize the charges applicable in which the package can be picked up from the house of the customer without any extra charges.

Priority has different services like, How USPS Priority Mail Works Priority mail works based on the priority of the customer.

Ingredients such as chia seeds, hemp seeds, almonds, etc., are more on the expensive side and let's not even talk about the cost of a custom, made-to-fit pair of jeans I made for her which earned a Blue Ribbon at our local fair. Its destination is a 2 hour, 45 minute drive from my house or thereabouts. It left our local facility, traveled to another facility, traveled backwards to another facility, and now is transferred back to the second facility. After 3 days with no delivery in sight, I went into a different post office to inquire about the package. All the food has spoiled with the exception of the homemade almond butter. Will my Blue ribbon jeans make it to their destination? What really sucks about this entire situation is there is no one to complain to.

On September 9, I sent out a box of healthy treats via USPS 2-day Priority Mail with a scheduled delivery date of September 11, 2013. The counter clerk was most unsympathetic and commented, "Well, 2-day is not a guarantee." I went back to the post office from which it was mailed and another unsympathetic clerk told me my package must have missed a scan and said, "..happens. The food was able to last up to 4-days without refridgeration, and now about 80% of the package is not edible. There are no people who can actually check the status and find the package at the facilities. You are left with praying because USPS simply doesn't give two hoots about when your package gets there even though you have paid for a premium service.

After 10 days without a change of address form submission our mail carrier started sending all the mail back, and continued to do this with all incoming mail until early August.

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Unprofessional mail carrier and unsatisfactory resolution - Mail suddenly and mysteriously wasn't being delivered to our home in Sanford, FL, beginning in early June 2017.

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Everytime I have had a package coming via USPS that includes tracking, I check the site religously. I then receive the package, and then check the site (see, wasn’t kidding about the moron part). A few hours later it updates and said it has been delivered. It half works–I keep checking just in case they get their junk together.

These mail services are useful for the people who would like to send a package instantly to the desired destination.

When you book your package when the priority mail packages will be sent immediately to the desired destination.


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