Limoges porcelain marks dating

The vast majority of Limoges china is decorated with simple and elegant designs and are rarely gaudy or overbearing.

The color palette of choice on Limoges china is usually in pastel hues and incorporate matching shades and tones that create a very pleasing effect that often appeals to even the most discriminating of tastes.

To identify the markings that appear on a piece of French Limoges porcelain, Look for an engraved name or initials on the bottom or back of the piece.

An authentic mark appears under the glaze, not on top of it.

Although some Limoges companies, such as , produced thousands upon thousands of chinaware and service sets, the vast majority of Limoges china manufacturers & studios had a limited output.

These undecorated pieces, also known as "blanks," were taken to decorating studios away from the factory like that of Pickard or exported without decoration.The mark "CHF" appears on pieces from the same factory after Haviland and Company became the new owners. Independent artisans and smaller companies tended to omit the word "Limoges" and mark their pieces with names such as A. Some pieces bear a combination of pictures and words that require a magnifying glass for identification.One example of this is a bird holding a flowing ribbon, which indicates a piece from the factory of Martin Freres and Brothers.Pieces that date after 1891 are marked with the word "France." Continue Reading It can be challenging to identify a piece of French Limoges porcelain, because the pieces bear many different marks.Collectors are most interested in pieces that date before 1930.I have been meaning to do this for a while but I will add further information as more pieces come in – its a small informal pictorial guide to what is a real Meissen porcelain mark and what is a copy and will also illustrate how the mark changed over the centuries, I have added some dates to the illustrations but bare in mind as the same marks were used over a period of decades the dates provided are a general ball park so some caution has to be exercised when dating a piece from the style of the mark.


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