Keep firefox settings when updating

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Hanging (freezing, not responding) is when a program is running but stops responding to user input.

A hang/freeze is different from a crash, which ends the program.

When that happens, some of your add-ons may stop working.

You have the option to prevent these updates from happening. Launch Firefox, click the Tools button on the Menu bar and select “Options.” If you don’t see the Menu bar, click the orange “Firefox” button instead and select “Options.” The Options window opens.

Mozilla, maker of Firefox, lists dozens of security vulnerabilities that existed in older versions of the browser.

The Internet is a dangerous place and your business is at risk if it uses a browser that allows malicious software to infect it.

To fix, uninstall Chrome then download Chrome again from and reinstall it.The builds are located at the Geeksphone download site.On this site you will be presented with options for selecting your device and what type of build you want to use.Hyper-Threading is a feature on certain older Intel Pentium 4-based processors.In some cases, motherboard chipsets supporting Hyper-Threading can cause Firefox to hang at startup.If you’re experiencing hangs, you may want to check your motherboard manufacturer’s website for updates to the BIOS.


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