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'Bloodshed' claim Communist Party leader Mr Voronin, who will step down as president this month after two terms in office, told ministers there was "no evidence of any irregularities during the election"."Appealing against the election's outcome is merely a pretext," he said during a televised cabinet meeting.Demonstrators in Moldova have attacked the country's parliament in protest at the victory of the governing Communist Party in Sunday's general election.Witnesses say crowds poured into the building, smashing windows and setting light to furniture.But last spring I decided to do some serious work in terms of landscapes.There are several websites where there are inserted photos from various parts of Moldova. Wherever she goes she always looks for alternative spots or street art.

The second week is during the warm autumn, golden and with no winds.

Mr Voronin said the authorities would "shed light on these events" and find out the identities of the organisers.

"But now we must think how we should act and what we should do because their key goal can be clearly seen," he said. They need bloodshed from the authorities." The president and Prime Minister Zinaida Greceanii held talks with the leaders of the three main opposition parties - the Liberal Party, the Liberal Democratic Party and Our Moldova Alliance.

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