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Isaiah Berlin, the political philosopher, died in 1997, aged 88; Hugh Trevor-Roper, the historian, died in 2003, aged 89.

It has certainly had little sway over the careers of two of Oxford’s finest minds.

Over the last few years, Chinese President Xi Jinping has made improving cybersecurity a major policy goal.

And yet the Chinese leadership is moving towards criminalizing the people that have the power to make that happen—white hat hackers.

Most - or 72.64 per cent - felt it was reasonable to spend 1,000 yuan (S2) to 2,000 yuan on dating expenses per month.

The findings reflect the gender imbalance in the country, where there were some 33.6 million more men than women last year, the South China Morning Post reported on Tuesday (May 23), quoting the National Bureau of Statistics.


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